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The next-generation in HVM ALD performance, results, and cost-efficiency


The single-wafer multi-station QXP ALD product offers a production-proven platform with superior device results, performance,  throughput and reliability for high volume manufacturing. The unique combination of multiple sources, including vaporizers integrated with multi-plenum showerhead designs, enables multi-component metal and Hi-k film deposition. The results are excellent step coverage, within-wafer uniformity of key film properties, and precise composition control.

Key Features


  • Multi-stations per process module, combined with station-to-station process isolation, results in film performance equivalent to single wafer tools and enhanced throughput

  • High temperature capability >630°C

  • Comprehensive, modular chemical delivery system

  • Efficient footprint, low cost-of-ownership, and low cost-of-consumables

  • Unique multi-plenum showerhead designs to ensure precursor isolation for multi-component film deposition



  • Tunable WF metal gates 

  • Doped High-k gate oxides

  • Diffusion barrier films

  • Sacrificial hardmask/ patterning films


  • Doped blocking oxides

  • Conformal metal

  • Diffusion barrier films


  • Bitline and conformal buried word line metal diffusion barrier films

  • High workfunction conformal capacitor electrodes with high density

  • Doped and/or multi-layered High-k capacitor stacks deposited in-situ 

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