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The next-generation in HVM Thermal ALD performance, results, and cost-efficiency


Successor to the QXP 8300, the new and improved single-wafer multi-station QXP+ Advanced Thermal ALD product yields superior device results, performance, throughput, and reliability in high volume manufacturing and process transparency. The unique combination of existing and upgraded sources, including vaporizers integrated with multi-plenum showerhead designs, enables multi-component metal deposition with optimized film thickness uniformity and deposition profile tunability.

Key Features


  • Multi-stations per process module, combined with station-to-station process isolation, results in film performance equivalent to single wafer tools and enhanced throughput

  • High temperature capability >630°C

  • Multi-Zone Heater system that modulates deposition profile and improves uniformity

  • Redesign lid assembly to enable station-to-station-matching through concentricity control with uniformity improvement

  • Available features that reduce production overhead and enhance user experience

  • Comprehensive, modular chemical delivery system

  • Efficient footprint, low cost-of-ownership, and low cost-of-consumables

  • Unique multi-plenum showerhead designs to ensure precursor isolation for multi-component film deposition



  • Tunable WF metal gates 

  • Doped High-k gate oxides

  • Diffusion barrier films

  • Sacrificial hardmask/ patterning films

  • Low temperature multi-component materials


  • Doped blocking oxides

  • Conformal metal

  • Diffusion barrier films


  • Bitline and conformal buried word line metal diffusion barrier films

  • High workfunction conformal capacitor electrodes with high density

  • Doped and/or multi-layered High-k capacitor stacks deposited in-situ 

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