Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

EUGENUS, Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells products in a manner that provides a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and minimizes the environmental harm and depletion of natural resources.


EUGENUS, Inc. is committed to complying with applicable legislations and regulatory requirements, continuous improvement, and prevention of pollution throughout EHSMS (Environmental Health and Safety Management System). This policy is supported by:

  • Training employees and contractors to understand and follow applicable environmental health and safety regulations and standards.


  • Demonstrating environmental consciousness in the community where we operate.


  • Practicing conservation, striving to recycle materials, and respecting natural resources.


  • Improving manufacturing, design and operating processes to minimize the impact on the environment, including preventing air, water, and other pollution, minimizing the health and safety risks and disposing of water safely and responsibly.


  • Ensuring the effective use and conservation of energy throughout our business.


  • Periodically conducting audits to ensure compliance with this policy and the overall EHSMS.


  • Reporting on a semi-annual basis the status of the EHSMS and the status of environmental, health, and safety goals and objectives to the leadership team and safety committee


  • Making the EHS policy available for public viewing at key locations in the EUGENUS facility as well as the company website.

View or download Eugenus' EHS Policy

ISO 9001:2015 
                                                                               Expiry 02.18.2023

ISO 14001:2015


                                                                                Expiry 12.10.2022

ISO 45001:2018

                                         Expiry 12.10.2022

ISO 27001:2013

                                                                               Expiry 10.28.2022